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Guaina Ricostituente Potenziata - Correttore del pelo sfibrato


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Film technology that protects the hair from dirt, dall'infeltrimento, by the formation of knots, from yellowing and from 'oxidation
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REPLACE OIL and any form of maintenance.The SHEATH tonic ENHANCED SOLARO H is A special film technology that protects the hair from dirt, dall'infeltrimento, by the formation of knots, from yellowing and from 'oxidation.
It nourishes, regenerates, repairs, and makes it easy to comb all coats long semilunghi and rebels.
It helps in grooming weekly to eliminate nodes quickly.
Improves quickly cloak frizz and enervated FIN THE FIRST WASH. The sheath ENHANCED Solaro H is an innovative and unique that replaced masks, oils, ointments and creams mixtures for the maintenance of long hairs and semilunghi.
The product is non-greasy.We recommend the use of SERUM COMPLEMENT for mantles knotted and more to get more maintenance period .WASH AFTER WASH THE HAIR IS FEEDS AND REPAIR REMAINING ORDERED AND ALWAYS CLEAN.


Carefully wash the dog's coat with shampoo ULTRA SOFT LINE SOLARO H and rinse. Mix well about 4 or 5 tablespoons (FOR shihtzu, LHASA APSO, POODLES And BOLOGNESI; 2 O 3 SPOONS FOR MALTESE AND 1 or 2 FOR YORKSHIRE) of product in half a liter of warm water, mix with the blender and pour the contents on the dog's coat, starting from the head. To penetrate the product in depth without rub, wring WEARABLE, wrap in a towel for a few minutes and then dry with a hair dryer and brush.The brush is recommended that human c on long needles and without bullets.T comb to finish, ONCE DRY DOG, is preferably in the rotating teeth.The product allows the use of curlers.For best results we recommend washing weekly. The recommended doses are indicative and may be increased or decreased depending on the texture of the hair to be treated. In the presence of nodes difficult, spray the Flash Solaro H, directly on the node, leave in a minute and wash as directed.To avoid stressing and break the hair is not advisable to comb every day.Should it be n ecessario you can spray the SHEATH SOLARO H or SPRAY OIL DRY TEARS OF THE MOON SOLARO H. In the presence of nodes from scratching, you can use the flash point and then proceed with the comb only on the affected part.Dry brush the hair means sfibrarlo and break it.

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Brand Solaro H
Year 2014

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